My involvement in Knekelkot originated from a collab between me and Nancy where I’ve provided music for one of her animations. After that success we tried the reverse, I made a song and had Nancy made an animation for it. After these small projects we felt it became time to turn it up a notch and start to create bigger projects.

I would say that it’s hard to define what field of art I mainly focus on, I see different art mediums as different tools. In that sense, I like movies the most where music, visuals and performance come all together. Especially if it involves elements like prop build building and interaction with other people, just something tangible that’s quite opposite to the classic idea of a hermetic artist.

My main experience comes from other small video projects as a director/ art director. Aside from the movie making part I’ve always been busy with making music (without ever going to music school), as with most of my other art disciplines they are mostly self thought or from experience of working together with other artists.