Apart from my collaboration with Sid and Katarynah from Knekelkot, I’ve made several (animated) videos. I had graduated from HRITCS filmschool as a screenwriter, when I saw Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. I was so overwhelmed by this movie, that I went on studying animation – and working on complete solo projects. They’re all collaborations with musicians. I’ve always had a love for darker tales, so most of my inspiration comes from writers like Edgar Allan Poe, Anne Rice, Clive Barker, Philip K. Dick, and many more Dark Masters.

Most of my projects are centered around a video and its music – the whole package also contains drawings, prints, digital designs (a computer is a tool equal to a pen, pencil or brush – to me, at last) and 3D/puppet creations and mini sets.

Silent Noise Revolution – “Skin To Skin”
Mammal – “Zero Infinity” This is a special one. It’s a timelapse video made out of hundreds of photos I took during the first harsh corona quarantaine in Belgium. Australian band Mammal kindly gave me the permission to use their “Zero Infinity”, and they even used it as the video for the track and posted it on their YouTube page. Huge thanks!
Kyoko – “Don’t Look Back”
“Dark Dream (Music by Sergey Cheremisinov)
“SnowBlack” (Music by Sergey Cheremisinov)