The Black Cat

It all began as a simple idea that slowly grew with each written line.

And our team said: Let there be drawings!

Then there were drawings, lots of them.

And we saw it was good.

But we just kept on drawing….

Then we said, “let the drawings move!”

And the drawings moved.

Then we said, “let there be place and materials to make a movie”

But sadly, it didn’t appear out of thin air.

So we went to look for it.

Then the buildening hath begun.

Building some more things…

And testing practical effects…

After the building we rested, for we became tired, hungry and thirsty.

Our wallets were running dry, so we decided to become beggars.

It was time to show our script to the world, and maybe it would attract some investors…

One mail gave us hope, our script was selected by the Amsterdam dark arts film festival!

Because our small 3 member crew to take it up against filmmakers from all over the world that clearly weren’t as idiotic and crazy as us to just decide to make a film and start doing it without any real budget and connections to the film making community…

So we nervously waited until it was the moment to present our pitch….

We were pretty sure that we wouldn’t make it, but we did manage to put a grin on everyone’s face….

Until some time later, we got the mail that announced the winners, we were not nominated as we assumed.

But we didn’t leave empty-handed either:

And then we got selected again at another festival!

We still haven’t properly introduced you to our stars.

First, the most important of all, the black cat himself:


And this weird guy, whoever that is…

And then looking for a cat became looking like a cat:

Is it a hot dog?! Is it a hamster?!…

No! It’s Catman!!!

Cats are such lovely creatures…

People began to notice the strange men and weird creatures roaming in the basement of the Art academy.

It left a lot of questions like: How’s the movie making going so far?

Then it was Silent again…

The basement was empty again, and the strange things disappeared into the dark.

They say they moved to an even darker, secluded place to make their movie through night and day.

The last trace found of the Black cat crew in the basement was a mangled up USB stick.

Luckily, a video file on it survived, however it holds no clues to where they went to finish their movie.

This eerie video clearly resembles the basement where the black cat crew used to work.

Like most “ghost caught on tape” videos, this one is also clearly fake, but it seems as if they are just setting up the stage for what’s about to come next….

Until next time, my dearest demonic kittens.

See you soon